Published On: Thu, Mar 31st, 2016

Two thirds of electricians want their children to take up the trade

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Workers In Family Business Standing Next To Van

Amid crippling university fees and a sluggish graduate employment market, new research1 by Newey & Eyre reveals that the many of today’s electrical contractors would rather their children take up the trade than join the corporate world.

According to a study among the leading wholesaler’s customers, almost two thirds (64%) said they would recommend the electrical profession to their children. Key reasons cited included the fact that the sparky role offers a more stable and fruitful career path, the rewarding nature of the job and the fact that no two days are ever the same.

A further four in five (78%) said that they think that embarking on a trade apprenticeship gives younger generations stronger prospects for the future than if they went to university. Two thirds (64%) also admitted that they think being an electrician is a more sustainable job than a corporate one.

Caren Munro, marketing manager at Newey & Eyre comments: “Unfortunately, despite the economic upturn, the reality is that a huge number of degree holders may struggle to find a job for some time after graduating due to the extremely competitive market – with a third applying for more than 20 jobs a month.2 What’s more, there is the the crippling cost of tuition fees, which have trebled in recent years, to factor in.

 “Although a degree is an essential requirement for some studies, it is important that our younger generations don’t overlook the opportunity to take up a trade. Being an electrician, for example, offers a very rewarding career path both financially and personally; it offers job security in that there will also be a demand for electrical work, it enables a difference route to the traditional 9-5pm and, eventually, it can lead to self-employment.”

Indicating a clear passion for their profession, three in five (58%) respondents said that they had wanted to become an electrician ever since they were young while a further 58% said they’d go the same route if they had their time again.

Caren adds: “It’s great so see such a sense of pride among the UK’s electricians which is no surprise given that they are some of the most talented, hardworking in the world.”

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