Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

Surface repair specialist Plastic Surgeon renews its agreement with Kier Group

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Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s number one surface repair specialist, has renewed its contract with Kier Group, one of the UK’s leading construction firms, as it continues to benefit from the positive environmental impact of repair, which helps to save unnecessary waste from landfill.

Having worked in partnership for the last 12 years on a variety of projects carried out throughout the UK, Plastic Surgeon has assisted Kier in the handovers of hundreds of projects during that period, building up a reputation as a reliable, honest and trustworthy trade partner over their time spent working together.

Able to repair wide ranging cosmetic surface damage, Plastic Surgeon helps to provide the final cosmetic touches  ahead of project completion.

In 2015, Kier Group and Plastic Surgeon entered into a two-party preferred supplier agreement. The second party in the agreement provides repairs required in the East of England, with Plastic Surgeon responsible for the rest of the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland thanks to having its specialist Finishers present in every region.

Since the agreement was signed, Plastic Surgeon has seen significant growth in its business,  whilst being able to demonstrate its green credentials thanks to the amount of waste product saved from landfill. Environmental friendliness is a key benefit of Plastic Surgeon’s services, with damaged goods and items being repaired and reused, saving them from being scrapped and sent to landfill.

Having experienced the positives of the successful partnership, Kier has now signed up to an additional 2 years, which will take the agreement into the autumn of 2019.

Dave Craig, National Account Manager at Plastic Surgeon, said of the new agreement: “This serves to demonstrate Kier Group’s satisfaction with our services and further strengthens our relationship. Kier Group has been a big advocate of our capabilities, and this helps to acknowledge both the need and the benefits that our services bring, something that some sections of the construction industry are still wary of embracing despite the obvious advantages.”

Paul Coates of Kier Group said: “We’re pleased to extend our contract with Plastic Surgeon for an additional two years. Our companies have the same goal of being environmentally sustainable, and the landfill savings we make through Plastic Surgeon are one of the key reasons we use its service.”

Plastic Surgeon has seen rapidly rising demand for its specialised services, which cover a range of industries and has over 180 directly employed repair specialists – or Finishers – across its seven UK regions, all trained in a variety of skills.

Plastic Surgeon has invested in developing new repair techniques and as a result it offers repair solutions for the widest possible selection of building substrates including masonry, metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

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