Published On: Tue, Nov 12th, 2013

Salix Homes helps elderly residents keep warm and well

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Frederick Todd[8]A social housing provider is ensuring its elderly and vulnerable tenants keep warm and well this winter. Throughout November and December Salix Homes’ staff will be carrying out home visits to elderly tenants as part of its annual ‘Keep Warm, Keep Well’ scheme, which is now in its fifth year.

This year the Salford-based housing provider, which manages 8,500 properties across Central Salford, is targeting tenants aged over 65 living in its high rise blocks.

Customer support workers will visit more than 90 elderly tenants to hand out blankets, offer advice on how to stay warm and healthy during cold periods and ensure people are claiming the benefits they’re entitled to.

RAF veteran Frederick Todd, 82, is one of the tenants Salix Homes helped through the scheme last year.

When support officers first visited the widower at his home in Lower Broughton, Salford, he was struggling to make ends meet, not eating properly and fearful of putting his heating on.

The Customer Support Team assessed Mr Todd’s benefits payments and found he wasn’t claiming everything he was entitled to.

Thanks to the Keep Warm Keep Well scheme, Mr Todd, who suffers with mobility problems and has no family living nearby, is now receiving an additional £100 a week and is enjoying a much better standard of living.

He said: “I was having to buy cheap food and I didn’t like to turn the heating on. The Government’s Fuel Payment helps, but it’s not enough, my fuel bill is over £1,000 a year.

“Salix Homes sorted all my money out and made sure I was getting everything that I should be. That extra money has made such a big difference to me, now I’m buying better food and I’m not scrimping.  I can’t thank Salix Homes enough for helping me.”

In a bid to tackle fuel poverty, Salix Homes has installed state-of-the art Eco-Pod heating systems at eight of its tower blocks, which increase energy efficiency and reduce fuel bills.

Sue Sutton, director of customer and neighbourhood services at Salix Homes, said: “Tackling fuel poverty is a priority for Salix Homes, which is why we are installing Eco-Pods on our high rise blocks as part of our multi-million pound Decent Homes improvement programme.

“However, when money is tight and with fuel prices rocketing, we know many people will consider turning their heating off in a bid to make ends meet, but we we want to ensure that our elderly and most vulnerable customers are not afraid to put their heating on when the cold weather starts to bite.

“The winter weather adds to the financial worries of older people and the aim of our successful Keep Warm, Keep Well scheme is to ease those worries and ensure our most elderly and vulnerable tenants don’t feel alone this winter and know that help is available.”

If you think you’d benefit from a home visit or know someone who would call our Customer Support Team on 0161 7798012 or email

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