Published On: Sun, Dec 2nd, 2012

Origin bring a dream to life with bi-folding doors

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The Gavins had a vision in their minds of how they wanted their new summer room to transform their home in Maidenhead.  Their ideal was a modern stylish design that would not only extend their family home, but also incorporate their beautiful garden.

Jenny and Rory Gavin originally had patio doors on the back of their sitting room leading onto a decked area in the garden, but this felt outdated particularly when compared to the rest of the house and the modern interior. Jenny found inspiration from various homes and interior style magazines. Jenny started on the design process by producing a scrapbook of all the different designs she liked and decided she wanted a room she could use all year round, that wasn’t weather dependent and somehow incorporated the outside environment.

After consulting their architect and describing their vision, the Gavins knew it was folding sliding doors they were after to create the bright and airy ‘third living space’ they had in mind. The couple met Origin, a UK specialist manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors at the London Grand Designs Show.  After several design consultations with Origin’s accredited installer, the Gavins were advised to  open up two sides of the extension using what is commonly known as a ‘moving corner post’ set-up to give a complete view of their garden.

The Gavins were impressed with Origins variety of colours and fast lead time service. “We had already started building our summer room, so the fact that Origin could manufacture the doors so quickly to our exact sizes, quicker than we actually needed, was a real plus for us. The variety of colours and elegant design were perfect for the type of transformation we sought. We wanted a colour that would fade into the background, so you were drawn to the garden rather than the door frames,” adds Jenny.

The Gavins settled for dark silver metallic for their 3 by 3 corner Bi-fold set, with the far set operating around a  90° angle clear opening. This set-up provided a completely frameless corner, with unrestricted views of the garden. Each door panel is 859mm wide to fill an aperture of 5345mm. The doors are in high grade aluminium to maintain a modern fresh look, offering the right combination of strength and weight, allowing for a narrow and more aesthetically pleasing frame but with easy movement through the large opening.

Each door section has its own long wheelbase solid aluminium carriage with four wheels that run inside a low threshold base concealed track, so with just a gently push the Gavins can create a whole new living space.

Design accents such as the cream stone walls, under floor heating and integrated blinds were dictated by Jenny and Rory. Since its redesigning, the summer room has become a key feature of the house and the sand coloured titles, which have been laid throughout, provide a seamless link between the inside and outside. On entering the new summer room, you can’t fail to be amazed at the view that awaits you when the doors fold open to reveal the stunning garden. The tranquility of the garden flows through the summer room bringing about a complete sense of relaxation.

The timeless aesthetics and the open design of the room have changed the way the Gavins use their home, spending hours watching the birds or the weather change. “It has become a great place to sit and relax. Jenny also talks about how the doors have created a ‘third living space’ within the home. “The bi-folds match the existing style of our home and provide a smooth transition between the two spaces, even when you are sitting inside, it feels as if you are outside. We have a small garden so this extension works perfectly – our home feels transformed,” says Jenny.

The Gavins have created an extension that has not only exceeded their original expectations, but more importantly gives them a sense of pride because its intelligent design brings the natural sunlight into their home and makes a relatively small area, feel effortlessly spacious. Since installing the bi-fold extension the value of Gavin’s house has jumped from£650,000 to £740,000.


“Origin’s bi-folds are one of the best assets we have added to the house. They are easy to use, look stunning and the whole process from start to finish has been easy – Origin’s customer service is second to none. Their lead time service is vital for anyone having an extension as the average lead time is 6 weeks, but Origin can supply bespoke doors quicker than you need them.” Jenny Gavin

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