Published On: Wed, Feb 12th, 2014

NFA calls on government to avert housing crisis

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Sue-Roberts-Chair-of-the-NFA1-199x300The National Federation of ALMOs (NFA), which represents 47 not for profit housing organisations across England, is calling on the next government to make council housing a priority to avert a housing crisis.

The NFA 2015 Election Manifesto, published today, is set to influence all political parties in the crucial run up to next year’s general election. The manifesto contains strong policy recommendations, across key areas such as welfare support, new build and energy efficiency.

NFA Chair, Sue Roberts, said: “The NFA recognises the financial and economic reality in which the next Government will have to act. We have therefore focused our asks on areas where we believe investment, regulation or a change in the way things operate could help deliver both economic growth and long term benefits, as well as in some cases immediate savings.”

“ALMOs are perfectly placed to continue delivering decent, affordable homes with excellent customer focus. By outlining our priorities and aspirations ahead of the 2015 election, we are appealing to all political parties to secure a stable and prosperous future for our tenants and neighbourhoods.”

The manifesto highlights the importance of investment in council housing in helping improve the lives of individual tenants, transforming whole communities and supporting economic growth. The NFA re-iterates its previous call for greater investment in building new council properties, to help meet the rising demand for affordable decent housing across the country.

As energy bills continue to rise, the NFA outlines policies, which include establishing local social enterprise companies that support tenants wishing to switch to other providers as well as introducing other measures to encourage efficient energy use within the home.

On welfare reform the NFA believes that the under-occupation penalty should be reformed, that making Universal Credit payments to landlords directly should be a ‘tenant choice’ and that more resources should be made available to give tenants financial support and advice.  It also urges all political parties to sign up to a period of stability in the welfare system in order that people and communities have time to adjust and a proper impact assessment is made of the outcomes before further changes are made.

To read the NFA’s election manifesto in full, visit the NFA website at:

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