Published On: Wed, Apr 6th, 2016

Newey & Eyre Concurs It’s Time to Get Enlightened on Lighting Controls

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ControlZAPPNewey & Eyre has welcomed new research which shows that building controls will be a top priority when it comes to businesses’ green investments this year – while asserting that working with a reputable supplier is key to getting it right.

According to a poll amongst company directors and senior managers carried out by The Energst1, a large majority (93%) of firms plan to implement energy efficiency measures in the next 12 months. Of these, over half (53%) state they will invest in building controls and behavioural changes.

Kevin Norman, senior product marketing manager at Newey & Eyre comments: “It is great to see more businesses embrace sustainable principles and willing to invest in green technologies – particularly when it comes to control products which really are the linchpin to any energy management strategy.

“When it comes to lighting, for example, although more emphasis is placed on the choice of lighting, the control represents a big opportunity to use it more efficiently and, in turn, cut costs.  In fact, it is estimated that lighting controls can eliminate 60% or more of the wasted lighting energy in buildings while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity.”

As a business committed to helping to drive the green economy forward, Newey & Eyre has long championed the importance of lighting control and the role it has to play in lessening environment impact, while optimising efficiencies and reducing energy costs for the UK business. Drawing on its global supply capabilities, the business continues to add innovations to its lighting control offer to meet the ever-changing needs of the modern market; incorporating all the latest products from leading manufacturers such as  ABB, Phillps, Osram, Lutron and CP Electronics.

Kevin adds: “With so many different lighting control products to choose from, many varying drastically in quality and performance, specifying the most suitable option can often be a minefield. This is why we always recommend working  with a reputable supplier who will be able to recommend all the best and most up to date products – with the guarantee they will deliver the highest energy savings.”

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