Published On: Wed, May 28th, 2014

Mission controls – Internorm launches Smartwindow App

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Internorm_SmartWindow copyThis year sees the launch of Internorm’s ‘SmartWindow’ building control technology, giving occupiers the control of several window functions at the touch of a finger via an app on a tablet or smartphone.

The new I-Tec SmartWindow’ building controls will work with components such as the innovative I-Tec ventilation (inbuilt MVHR), I-Tec Shading (sun protection), and door opener. With just a few taps of the finger on the user interface, these features can now be operated conveniently via a tablet or smartphone app, on an accessible device that rarely leaves the pocket or handbag of most modern day building or homeowners.

When the user is not able to carry out daily duties within a property, due to them being out, the SmartWindow’ app will provide the freedom to move blinds up or down as desired, depending of the increase of the light or sun.  The app also provides the option to adjust the light guidance or to open and close the fanlight according to necessity, which also plays a pivotal role in the total amount of light and air ingress, and will ultimately play a part in the energy efficiency of the property.  It is also possible for it to be programmed to move during holidays so people think you are at home.

The app allows user-defined scenes that can be saved and retrieved as required on one or more devices at the press of a button.  For example, whilst watching TV it would be ideal for the blinds to be half way down, or during hours where occupants are sleeping, for the blinds to be completely down.

Besides the various window functions, the “SmartWindow” building control can also be easily extended to other items within the property.  These include electrical sockets; smoke alarms, weather stations, or one of Internorm’s recommended sensor window controls  (that check the position of the window) that are all directly recognised by the ground breaking new system.

Thomas Hagen, Product and Technical Manager at Internorm UK said: “SmartWindow technology is really giving the owner control of their home via an accessible device such as a smartphone. At Internorm, we are proud to be leading the fenestration market with this cutting edge technology.”

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