Published On: Mon, Jul 23rd, 2012

Future of the extension market

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Ultraframe unveils Loggia – the ‘game changing’ product solution that will shape the future of the extension market

Ultraframe, the company that has successfully helped design and install over 1.5 million conservatories in the UK, has launched Loggia – the new extension solution that will grow and shape the future of the UK conservatory market.

The name Loggia emanates from the Italian Renaissance period. Filippo Brunelleschi, an architectural visionary who played a pivotal role in the Renaissance movement, achieved worldwide renown for a number of stunning Florentine and Venetian buildings. His unique approach was to introduce mathematical theory into the form of design, making the building of complex structures more simple and efficient.  He was also credited with significant developments in the design of the Loggia, a roofed gallery or recessed room open to the air on one side, supported by ornate columns. Ultraframe has taken those same guiding architectural principles to create a new building that combines remarkable aesthetics with revolutionary engineering to provide a beautiful, robust and thermally excellent addition to any home.

Unveiled at a high-profile event in the Midlands to over 300 people from the Ultraframe network and media, Ultraframe has spectacularly reinvented the traditional conservatory with the launch of Loggia – a solid ‘extension style’ living space that features all the thermal and ‘real room’ benefits of a traditional extension at a fraction of the price.

The Loggia is the first cross-over extension solution that can be entirely personalised to blend in with the home owners existing property, lifestyle and budget. From its renowned well-crafted roof to a number of stunning new features, including integrated panel heaters, the Loggia features solid plastered walls demonstrating Ultraframe’s commitment to creating a structure that features superb thermal performance that competes with traditional extension structures as it repositions itself as a provider of light and space solutions, whatever the technology.

Loggia is exclusively available through the Ultraframe dealer network and will open up new markets for Ultraframe customers.  Joe Martoccia, Ultraframe sales and marketing director comments: “Loggia is a game-changer – no question.  This is the first innovation to come out of this industry that not only shapes the future of the conservatory market but critically opens up the extension market that was previously not accessible to our industry. We believe that it is essential for our industry to seek new markets and develop new products in order to survive. Fundamentally the conservatory hasn’t evolved for 30 years, our research suggests that the modern consumer is looking for better styling, a degree of individualism and more importantly a structure that becomes part of the house, so 365 days a year usability is paramount.

“Loggia does that.  Not only will it attract traditional conservatory customers but critically it will open up the market to home owners wanting all the benefits of a traditional extension at a much lower cost, less hassle and without the ever increasing red tape associated with extensions.  We believe that the market for single storey extensions in the UK is in excess of 100,000, that’s bigger than the conservatory market.

“Our industry has the ability to capture a large slice of this, we have a supreme direct sales competency, an agile and flexible installation capability, driven to deliver on time and on budget, unlike the building fraternity, all we need to provide them with is the right solution and we believe that Loggia is exactly that.

“Loggia also provides our network with the opportunity to offer an improved living space option to those three million conservatory owners already out there. It is conceivable that a large number installed 20 to 30 years ago may be in need of renovation. The added benefits of increased usability and attraction of personalisation, will we believe offer a compelling proposition.”

Unlike any other solution in the market the Loggia can be specified to blend in with the home owners property, or can be specified as a completely stand-alone building such as an office or garden living space.  Loggia comes in its own distinctive colour palette of classic white, pure cream, urban grey or landmark green.  As the roof is supported by corner posts and pillars, glazing options can be infinite, to include many combinations including sliding sashes, bi-folds and deeper profiles. Options also include the use of contemporary full length glazing or traditional glazing with a low perimeter wall – all of these options will ensure that all styles can be catered for.

One of the biggest benefits of the Loggia which delivers the unique Ultraframe quality is the way the corner columns are manufactured to deliver the solidity of an extension.  This method of off-site construction means Loggia can be constructed in a much shorter time frame than a traditional brick-built extension and deliver superior thermal performance that far exceeds a standard conservatory. A corner post and pillar u value of 0.15 means that improved thermal performance and with that, year-round temperature control, usability for the home owner can be increased.

Joe Martoccia concludes:  “We have no doubt that Loggia will shake up the conservatory market.  Reality is we need to support our customers and ensure that we have the technology to open up new markets.  We’ve achieved that with Loggia and we have developed a strong and forthright consumer campaign to make sure that we can drive sales into our customers.”

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