Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2013

Fernox extends carbon reduction label across its range

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Carbon Trust Label[5]Fernox has further demonstrated its commitment to the decarbonisation of its product portfolio and to a greener society by qualifying to carry the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label across 23 of its products. This is an extension on the manufacturer’s first five products to hold the label since 2012, which marked Fernox as the first company to be awarded the label for Renewable water treatment products.  

The Carbon Reduction Label is awarded to products that have had their carbon footprints measured, certified and where a company, such as Fernox, commits to reducing the carbon footprint of that product. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of the product must be re-assessed every two years and demonstrate a reduction to keep using the Label – which Fernox has been able to demonstrate with 23 products from its chemical water treatment range.

As such, the following products from Fernox will now carry the Carbon Reduction Label: F1 (500ml), HVAC F1 (10L), Superconcentrate F1 (290ml), Cleaner F3 (500ml), HVAC F3 10L, Superconcentrate F3 (290ml), HP-15c (20L/ 25L/ 205L/ Intermediate bulk container), Solar S1 (10L, /20L/ 25L/ 205L/ Intermediate Bulk Container/ Concentrate 5L/ Concentrate 10L/ Concentrate 20L/ Concentrate 25L/ Concentrate 205L/ Concentrate Intermediate Bulk Container, TF1 Total Filter and TF1 Compact.

In order to carry the Carbon Trust Carbon Reduction Label across its range, Fernox had each individual product’s carbon footprint certified to PAS 2050: a specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services.

Francine Wickham, Global Marketing Director at Fernox commented: “We are delighted to now be carrying the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label across 23 of our products. As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we continue to carry out extensive research and development that will better our product offering and contribute towards a greener society. In addition, it meets contractors can demonstrate to their own customers – that they are using products that are actively looking to reduce carbon emissions.”

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