Published On: Mon, Sep 3rd, 2012

CornerTape launches SiliconeXP

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Sealant and sealant-taming brand, CornerTape has introduced a brand new product to its award-winning portfolio with the launch of SiliconeXP – a two in one waterproof sealant and super strong adhesive.

SiliconeXP – the Xtreme Performance Sealant & Adhesive available in black and white and SiliconeXC, the clear version – is a modified silicone polymer, developed by CornerTape to be used not only as a flexible, durable silicone sealant in bathrooms, kitchens and other applications but also instead of screws, nails or other fixings to bond an array of common home maintenance and building materials including brick, concrete, steel, common plastics, polystyrene, timber, laminate, MDF, plaster, marble, stone, glass, porcelain and glazed surfaces.

100% waterproof, 100% anti-mould and 100% flexible forever, the Xtreme Performance of SiliconeXP and SiliconeXC is highly evident. It will not shrink or crack and actually repels fungus and mould from its surface and around it; it is useable in temperatures to -20°C; it can be painted over for a permanent finish; it does not contain Isocyanides – a family of widely used highly reactive chemicals – so is odourless and can be used safely in confined spaces; and it can be applied directly to wet surfaces making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. It can even be used under water.

The tube is clear allowing the user to see the colour of the contents and exactly how much is left, and both SiliconeXP and SiliconeXC share the world’s first, patented and incredibly popular multi-coloured Anti-Drip Valve and Pre-Cut Nozzle System with CornerTape’s SiliconePro Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant.

Designed for greater control, less mess and less waste, the Anti-Drip Valve prevents overspill by switching off the flow of sealant and the Pre-Cut Nozzle System consists of four nozzles screwed and nested together, each pre-cut at the optimum angle of 45° and each a different size to produce a silicone bead that corresponds with CornerTape itself, at 2.5mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. A cap sits atop the smallest nozzle and any cured sealant can be easily removed by simply unscrewing the nozzles.

Andy Toyne, CornerTape’s sales director, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching the SiliconeXP range in the UK, as a sealant with the added benefits of a super strong adhesive making it ideal for a huge number of applications. It has a winning combination of features with its mould repellence, wet surface and underwater application as well as being paintable and its patented clear tube design, valve and nozzle system. We’re delighted with the reaction and excellent feedback it’s receiving from retailers and merchants; with its prominent shelf presence and good profit margins for outlets, we strongly believe that the SiliconeXP range will soon become one of the leading sealant adhesive products.”

SiliconeXP and SiliconeXC are the latest additions to the CornerTape suite of products, perfectly complementing the selection of tools, wipes, CornerTape, SiliconeKit and following in the successful footsteps of SiliconePro, the kitchen and bathroom sealant from the award-winning, original and best sealant-taming brand.

For further information or to become a CornerTape stockist, contact CornerTape on 01754 896990, email or visit Video demonstrations of the CornerTape product system can be found on YouTube and at

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