Published On: Mon, Feb 1st, 2016

Be home and dry with door canopies in 48 hours

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Canopies UK ‘FastFit’ maintenance and paint free GRP door canopies

Door canopies from Canopies UK are popular with many large housebuildersThe UK housing market is set for continued growth over the next decade, fuelled not only by economic stability, but also, in part, by the Government’s ‘Construction 2025’ and ‘plan for growth’ strategies. With cash injections to help first time buyers, firm targets to slash overall build time by 50% and the accelerated release of public sector land to keen housebuilders, things are undoubtedly going to start moving at a quicker pace.

With the market as a whole stepping up a gear, window and door installers need to be primed and ready to race too, armed with the latest products from manufacturers who can deliver to site in next-to-no-time.

As the market grows, there will be an abundance of additional sales opportunities for savvy installers, so ensuring you have some key ‘added value’ products to offer your customer is key. Starting to offer products which you would consider to be outside of your usual stock lines can not only increase your bottom line with every sale, but will see customers returning to you, rather than looking for those products elsewhere. 

One such product which is proving a popular addition to the portfolio of many window and door installers is high quality, maintenance and paint free GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) door canopies, which are available from Canopies UK in just 48 hours.

Offering the complete package

If you haven’t sold door canopies as part of your installation service before, now is the ideal time to do so. As sales opportunities increase in both the refurbishment and new build markets, improving and defining your product and service offering to encompass a ‘complete package’ of window and door solutions will put you one step ahead of the competition.

As with the sale of any installed product, being able to offer design choice, performance, quality and expert installation are all key ingredients to success, especially if you are tendering for larger scale contracted work. This is where Canopies UK can really help you excel when it comes to selling door canopies as an added value product. With over 15 different maintenance and paint free GRP door canopies to choose from, including traditional, ornate triangular styles and modern, simplistic flat alternatives, your customers will be spoilt for choice. 

In order to meet the demands of the accelerating housing market, the most popular products in the range are offered via the manufacturer’s ‘FastFit’ service – a 48 hour, delivered-to-site service which is designed to meet the supply demands of even the fastest paced build schedule. 

Conforming to all relevant British and European standards, all GRP door canopies from Canopies UK are maintenance and paint free and delivered fully assembled and complete with full fixing kits to make installation quick and simple.

Selling GRP canopies alongside your other products

Priced in the same bracket as many small to medium sized double glazed windows, GRP door canopies from Canopies UK provide an achievable yet appealing additional purchase for many homeowners, landlords or housebuilders. Why not offer door and canopy packages to encourage a higher spend, or show your customer some pre-selected canopy styles which suit the period or design of their frontage?

One unique selling point of the FastFit service from Canopies UK is that customers can choose to install the door and then choose a canopy to suit. With the most popular designs available in just 48 hours, your customers can enjoy this added flexibility without the worry of long lead times if they decide to complete their frontage with a high-quality door canopy.

Profiting from door canopy installations

Adding additional products to your installation service will almost certainly please your customers, but above all else, it should be financially beneficial. Door canopies from Canopies UK are quick and easy to install with no assembly or specialist tools required, meaning your labour costs are kept to a minimum. Having the canopies delivered to site, of course, will save both time and money on transportation too.

Brochures, complete with pricing and dimensions, are available direct from the manufacturer, which means adding high quality GRP door canopies to your offering involves no initial capital investment at all. 

For more information on the full range of door canopies from Canopies UK, visit or to order a brochure, call 01254 777 002.

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