Published On: Tue, Jan 15th, 2013

The latest sustainable window and door solution

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Camden’s innovative Inliten window and door system has been developed to meet the current and future demands of the market

Open windowDesigned and developed in one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in Europe, Inliten is the unique and superior-performance PVC-U profile system available exclusively from Camden. Combining innovative design and expert know-how, with state of the art machinery and advanced manufacturing techniques, Inliten represents the next phase in PVC-U technology. Camden has identified and improved upon all existing PVC-U products and processes to create a product that perfectly complements today’s current climate.

Launched in the Spring of 2012, Inliten was the result of over 6 years development which also saw a £16 million investment in advanced manufacturing technologies. The Inliten 70mm profile system offers a full suite of windows and doors available in a range of style, size, glazing and colour options. The full range includes: Casements (60mm option also available), Tilt ‘n’ Turns, French Windows, Special/Shaped Frames, Resi Doors, French Doors, Stable Doors, Sidelights and Composite Doors – all backed by a 15 years guarantee.

The Inliten product range is based on a number of key features that helps make it stand out from the crowd:

Design – All Inliten products feature an innovative design, thereby eliminating many of the flaws associated with existing profile systems. These features include mechanically strong glazing beads and fully welded joints for enhanced strength and performance.

Positive Drainage – Inliten frames feature inbuilt and positive drainage systems ensuring that any excess water is drained out of the frame; keeping your products water- resistant and ensuring the glazing bead remains securely in place.

Thermal Efficiency – All Inliten frames are thermally efficient by design; multi-chambers within the profile reduce heat loss from the outset. Double and triple glazed units further enhance the overall thermal efficiency of the window; ensuring a warmer living environment and reduced heating bills.

Security – Advanced manufacturing processes ensure that all Inliten products are extra strong, tough and durable. Only the highest performance hardware and locking mechanisms are fitted to Inliten products – keeping the home safe and secure.

Finish – Inliten products feature a fully sculptured finish, giving a shaped and curved appearance for extra character, and are available in a range of foiled colours. All products are manufactured in-house ensuring they are of the highest quality standards.

Sustainability – Inliten products have been designed to meet the sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality. Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all external surfaces are 100% virgin skin and 100% lead-free.

Inliten products represent the next phase in PVC-U technology. Many PVC-U products and processes may be considered ‘outdated’ when assessed against the demands of the current climate. Inliten products, however, are different: through extensive research and development, and investment in manufacturing technologies, all products feature innovative design and superior overall performance as standard. Some of the innovative design concepts featured in Inliten products include:

(1) Positive Drainage Systems for Enhanced Weather Resistance – Inbuilt channels ensure that any excess water flows out of the frame, eliminating the possibility of water build up;

(2) Glazing Bead – the frames feature a mechanically strong and secure glazing bead ensuring that all glazing units, wether double or triple glazed, will remain firmly in place;

(3) Multi-Chambers as Standard – helping eliminate heat loss through the frame;

(4) Concealed Gaskets – To ensure that the rubber gaskets do not interfere with the glazing area;

(5) External Surfaces – all external surfaces on Inliten products are 100% lead-free and feature 100% virgin PVC-U skin;

(6) Fully Welded Frames – ensuring greater consistency, strength and aesthetic appearance;

(7) Finish – all products feature a shaped and curved appearance, adding extra character and enhanced aesthetics appeal to the finished windows and doors;

(8) Hardware & Accessories – designed specifically for Inliten products to ensure longevity of use and superior performance.

camden 1The thermal efficiency characteristics of the range is a key area Camden has focused on in the development of Inliten. Over 20% of heat loss in the home occurs through old or outdated windows and doors, resulting in high home heating bills. Inliten windows and doors are thermally efficient by design; ensuring the home is kept warm and in turn reducing those expensive bills. All Inliten windows have been independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency. The Inliten frames are designed with a number of internal chambers within the profile system. This multi-chamber design ensures that the frame provides superior thermal efficiency from the outset.

Visual appearance was an important criteria in the designing of the Inliten range of products. As a result all Inliten frames are fully sculptured for an enhanced visual appearance, marking a positive move away from the ‘straight lines’ typically associated with PVC-U windows and doors. To further complement Inliten windows and doors, a range of traditional and contemporary foiled colours are available: Charcoal, White, Black, Red, Oak Rosewood, Cream Charcoal, Silver Grey.

Importantly, Inliten products also meet the stringent sustainability demands of the current climate – without compromising on quality. The innovative manufacturing processes involved in the creation of the products virtually eliminates any material wastage. In fact, using Inliten products can reduce the amount of waste going into landfill by up to 55 tonnes per week.

Camden are keen to continue with the innovation that has been at the heart of Inliten’s success. New for 2013 the company has announced the launch of the ‘big four’; four innovative product offerings designed to extend and complement the current Inliten range.

Innovation One: Yale Shootbolt Locks – as one of the most tried and trusted locking systems on the market, Camden are pleased to announce that Inliten windows will soon be available with enhanced-security Yale shootbolts. Yale locking systems are backed by full ‘Secured by Design’ accreditation and 10 year guarantee. Combined with Inliten’s 15 year guarantee on frames and 15 years on glass, Camden can exclusively offer customers an impressive 40 years combined guarantee.

Innovation Two: Sculptured Woodgrain Frames – in response to customer demand, Inliten frames will now be available in popular, traditional woodgrain foil (mahogany). This new offering ensures that Camden are one of the only manufacturers to offer the full suite of products with a sculptured woodgrain finish.

Innovation Three: Run Through Sash Horns – designed to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of Inliten products, sash horns are fully integrated and are ideal for both replacement and new build projects. Designed and manufactured onsite at Camden’s state-of-the-art extrusion facility, sash horns make a unique selling feature without the high costs associated with timber windows. Sash horns will be available in both double and triple glazed casement options.

Innovation Four: Inliten Composite Doors – Camden’s range of superior performance composite doors are now available on an industry-competitive 5 day turnaround. Furthermore, all doors are fitted to an Inliten 70mm outerframe and offer a range of positive benefits including: sculptured finish, multi chambers for thermal efficiency and enhanced security.


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